Please read our FAQ’s below to find the answers to your questions. If you are still unsure whether your proposed project is eligible or have any inquiries relating to your application, please contact the Enrich team at

If you are emailing about an application that has been lodged or funded, please quote your application ID number. We aim to reply to you within two (2) working days.

1.  Application stage
2.  Grant Agreement stage
3.  Reporting stage

Application Stage

How many grant rounds are available per year?

There is 1 grant round available each year.

Can I preview the application form before I start my submission?

Yes. If you would like to discuss this with your Principal before applying, please download a Draft Template of our application.

Can a school apply more than once in the same round?

Unfortunately, no. Schools can only submit 1 application per grant round.

Can any school apply?

Unfortunately no. Enrich is open to schools only in Queensland, New South Wales, the Australian Capital Territory, Victoria, South Australia and Western Australia. We accept applications from schools registered with their relevant Education Department, including:

  • Primary Schools
  • Secondary Schools
  • K-12 Schools
  • Specialist Schools

This program does not support home school programs, pre-schools, family day care, or schools run by organisations that have charitable status or support their activities through general fundraising. We are unable to support projects aimed at children under 4 years of age, students in tertiary programs or programs that are not being run by a registered school.

How do I log in/register?

In order to login, you must first have registered as a SmartyGrants user.

Please click here to login in to your existing account or to register as a first time applicant. It only takes a moment to register and you can get started on your submission straight after.

Do I have to complete my application in one online session?

No, you can start your application and choose to finish it another time. Simply click on the ‘Save’ button and this will save a draft of your progress. When you log back in and click on the 'My Submissions' link at the top of the screen, you will find a list of any applications you have started or submitted. You can reopen your draft application and continue from where you left off.

You can also download any application, whether draft or completed, as a pdf. Click on the 'Download' button located at the bottom of the last page of the application form.

My school has previously received a grant. Can we apply again?

Yes. Schools are able to apply again so long as they do not have any outstanding acquittals from previous Enrich grant rounds.

My school was unsuccessful last round. Can we re-apply?

Yes assuming that you meet all of the eligibility criteria, we encourage you to apply again.

Can I re-submit my unsuccessful application for the next round or will I be required to fill in a new form?

You will be required to fill out and submit a new application form each grant round.

I forgot my password – what do I do?

Barnardos Australia does not have access to your password details. If you already have an account but cannot remember your password, you will need to click on the ‘Forgotten your password?’ link and follow the prompts. SmartyGrants will send you a temporary password that you can change once you have logged in. We recommend that you keep record of both your password and username so that you can log in with ease.

My project is longer than the dates for the round. How do I complete that section?

Your project start date and end date must be within the school year. All schools are required to acquit their funds each year.

I can’t find my ICSEA, what should I do?

You can check your school ICSEA on the MySchool website. If your school ICSEA value is unavailable, please use the code ‘111’ instead.

Can I apply for funding for a project that has already taken place?

No, applications will not be accepted for project reimbursements.

I am unable to provide specific numbers of children that will benefit from our project, what do I do?

It is important for you to provide statistics on how many students are enrolled at your school and how many students may benefit from your anticipated project. This will indicate the scale of your project and how much of an impact it will have on your school community. We understand that it may be difficult for you to determine exactly how many children will benefit from your project. Therefore, we would appreciate if you could provide your closest estimation. If your application is successful, you will be asked this question again as part of your acquittal to determine the impact of your project.

Note: the Enrich team seeks to support a balanced number of applications that focus on individual students, groups of students and entire school communities.

Can schools make joint applications?

Yes they can. For projects that meet the overall aims of the grants program: one school may apply on behalf of a group of schools to address an issue faced by students in a particular geographical area. One school must be responsible for completing the application and should include the names of the partner schools. If successful, the school lodging the application will also be responsible for acquitting the grant.

If schools apply as a group under one application, will they each receive separate grant funding?

Unfortunately, no. If a joint application for a group of schools is successful, only one grant payment for the total amount allocated will be made. The funding will be deposited into the account of the school responsible for submitting the application and the funds must be used/distributed by this school on behalf of the group.

Can I apply for funding for a replacement teacher while I attend training?

Yes, with the support of your Principal confirming that this training will benefit students and upskill other teaching staff.

Is it possible to apply for assistance across a number of categories?

We understand that some projects may apply to more than one category (for example material assistance and promoting inclusion), however, please choose one category that is most relevant to your project, event or activity.

We are a Preschool/Early Childhood Centre, can we apply?

Enrich grants are designed to assist school students in Australia aged 4-18 years. Therefore, we are unable to fund applications from Preschools/Early Childhood Centres.

We are a small community group, can we apply?

Unfortunately, no. If a school is working in partnership with a small community group that is running a program, then the school must lodge an application in support of that project. Programs run by local community groups will need to be integrated into school programs/curriculums.

Does my application require support from the child’s family?

If you are applying for funds to assist an individual child or specific group of students, we encourage you to notify their parents if your submission is successful. The grant will be paid directly to the school's bank account, however, the Enrich team expects the school to work with parents/guardians to facilitate this spending.

How do I preview my application form before submitting?

1.  Log in at SmartyGrants
2.  Click on the ‘My Submissions’ link at the top of the screen.
3.  Choose the relevant form that you wish to review.

When you have completed all the compulsory questions and are happy with your form, please click the ‘Submit’ button.

I have clicked on ‘Submit’ and nothing has happened. What now?

Please check that you have done the following:

  • completed all mandatory questions
  • not used alphabetical characters in a number question field
  • have not gone over the word limit on a question
  • presented dates in the format dd/mm/yyyy

If you are still experiencing technical problems, please email

How do I know that you have received my application?

Once you have reviewed your application, checked that all the required fields have been entered and are happy with your form, you can press ‘Submit’. Please note that the ‘Save’ button will only keep a draft of your application. You must press ‘Submit’ in order for us to receive your submission.

You will then receive an auto-generated email from SmartyGrants confirming your submission. The email will provide you with your application ID number (which you should record) and a PDF copy of your application. If you do not receive a confirmation email, your application has not been received. Please contact in this instance.

Where can I find a copy of my submitted application?

There are two ways for you to locate a copy of your application:

1. A PDF copy of your application form will be sent to you via SmartyGrants as part of the auto-generated email that you will receive confirming your submission.

2. Download a PDF copy through SmartyGrants:

  • Log in to your SmartyGrants account
  • Click on the ‘My Submissions’ link at the top of the screen
  • Select the relevant application form link
  • Click on the ‘Download pdf’ button at the top of your form and save/print

Will all eligible applications be successful?

Unfortunately, no. While Barnardos would like to support all children experiencing disadvantage, there is a limited pool of funds available for the program. We endeavour to support as many applications as possible, however, not all worthy projects can be funded.

When will I find out if my application is successful?

All applicants will be notified via email regarding the decision of their submission. The Enrich website is updated regularly with important dates for every round, so please ensure that you check online to find out the exact date of notification for the given round of your submission.

The applicant who set up our school SmartyGrants online account no longer works here. Should I create a new account?

No, you do not need to create a new account. If the original applicant has moved on and another staff member will be responsible for your school SmartyGrants account, you must advise our team immediately. Please email us at with the new users name and email address so that we may provide them with access.

Note: We are unable to provide multiple access to an account. SmartyGrants only allows one user at a time for privacy measures.

Can I change my project details once the application has been submitted?

You are unable to make changes to your project once your application has been submitted. Please contact our team at regarding any request for variations so that we may review, approve and provide you with access once again to update your submission. The final decision to support grant variation rests with the Enrich committee.

Why is Principal approval required to accept grant funding?

The school Principal must be aware of your application if they are not personally submitting it as they oversee all school projects and finances. You will be required to provide their email address when completing your application as successful grants can only be accepted and approved by the Principal of your school. Grant funding must also be acquitted by the contact person or the school Principal on behalf of the school.

When do I need to use the funding by?

If successful, your school must spend and acquit your allocated grant funding no later than December each year. If planned activities are postponed or do not proceed, please contact the Enrich team as soon as possible via email.

Grant Agreement Stage

What if details of my funded project change?

If changes to your project or anticipated budget need to be made, please email our team immediately. Your school may have been awarded full or partial funding that is for specific items in your proposed budget, therefore the Enrich team will need to review your request for change. Please email us at to inform us of these amendments e.g. project dates or minor budget variations. These changes will need to be indicated in your acquittal as well.

The email says I have to complete a Grant Agreement. Where is it?

To access or preview the Grant Agreement form, please log in to your SmartyGrants account. Click on 'My Submissions' at the top of the screen and you will find the Grant Agreement listed under your profile. If you are still unable to access this form, contact our team at

What do I do if I am an LMBR school? (NSW Public schools only)

The Department of Education (DOE) has introduced a standardized financial system (SAP) for all NSW Public Schools as part of the LMBR. If you are a NSW Public school and your application is successful, you will need to raise a sales order with the DOE Accounts Receivable Team. Please contact the Department's new Shared Services Directorate 'EDConnect' on 1300 32 32 32 if you require further information.

Why am I being charged for providing incorrect bank details?

Please ensure that you provide the correct school bank details. If you provide incomplete/incorrect information and the payment is processed, the bank will charge a handling fee for returning the grant. Unfortunately, this fee will be passed on to the school, as we have no way of confirming if the bank details are correct before we make the payment. Please confirm with your bank that the details are correct if you are unsure.

When will my school grant be paid?

Please be advised that it may take some weeks for your grant to be processed through our accounts system. We endeavour to pay schools during the months of February and March.

What is a Pre-funding Evaluation Ranking and Post-funding Evaluation Ranking and why are they important?

In both your Grant Agreement and acquittal, you will be asked to provide an estimate of student performance for those who will directly benefit from your school grant. Performance estimates both before and after your project will allow us to evaluate the effectiveness of Enrich grants in supporting school projects.

Reporting Stage

What do I need to do once my project has taken place?

In the month of October, you will receive an email notification from our team with a set of instructions on how to complete an acquittal form via SmartyGrants. This is a mandatory report on the outcomes of your funded project and how your grant funding was spent.

We understand that changes in staff may occur over the year, however, it is the responsibility of your school to acquit the grant. Arrangements should be made for someone who has been involved with the project to write the acquittal. If your school acquittal remains unsubmitted, you may be asked to refund your grant and will remain ineligible to receive funding in future rounds.

Acquittals must be submitted no later than December in the same year in which your school received funding.

I can’t find the acquittal form. What should I do?

To access or preview the acquittal form, please login in to your SmartyGrants account. Click on 'My Submissions' at the top of the screen and you will find the relevant acquittal form listed under your profile. If you are still unable to access this form, contact our team at

My school did not use all of the grant. What should we do?

Please email our team at so that we may discuss this with you further.

Is it mandatory to provide images of our project?

No, providing images and media content as part of your acquittal is OPTIONAL. The Enrich team is pleased to receive photographs of your project in action as this helps to bring your project to life. We also welcome drawings or notes from the students if you wish to share.

How does your organisation ensure the privacy of children if we share images/content as part of our Acquittal?

Barnardos Australia undertakes every precaution to ensure the privacy of students and staff members. We do not undertake any publicity without obtaining the permission of schools, and if given, all individual identifying details will be changed. Signed Photograph and Media Permission forms are required for every child that is present in photos that you share with us. If you choose to share photos with us but have not sought permission from parents or wish to preserve the privacy of your students, we ask that you either:

  • Share photos of your project without including students
  • Do not include the faces or any identifying features of students that are photographed
  • Have the children turn their backs to the camera
  • Have the children wear hats