Assistance may be given by way of financial support for the following circumstances or projects. Please note the following are SAMPLES ONLY.

  • Material assistance for sports; equipment, uniforms, shoes and transport to attend sports games and training
  • Promoting inclusion in team or individual sporting, personal interest or community activities
  • Assisting with healthy lifestyle education - sport, personal hygiene/care, well-being and resilience
  • Improving nutrition through breakfast/lunch clubs and cooking classes

This is not a definitive list as other needs may be considered on a case by case basis so long as they are linked to educational participation and improving outcomes for students.

Measurable outcomes

Outcomes of receiving a grant should be associated with improvement or enrichment for the nominated child/children in one or more of the following areas:

  • Attendance
  • Engagement in learning
  • Learning outcomes
  • Confidence/self esteem
  • Feelings of exclusion
  • Behavioural issues
  • Social interaction
  • School experience
  • Links to curriculum
  • Other

Sample applications

Equipment, uniforms, shoes and transport

A single parent family with three children aged 7, 10 and 12 years old in our school is experiencing financial difficulties as a result of ongoing health issues that the mum has had over the past year. She is unable to return to her previous occupation and will have no regular income in the foreseeable future.

The family has only minimal support from other sources and does not have an extended family to help them. The mum had been very involved in the boys’ schooling and generous in supporting the school community through P&C involvement. The school would like to assist the family by discreetly providing sports equipment, uniforms, shoes and registration fees for these three children so that they may continue to participate in regular team sports throughout the year and maintain active healthy lifestyles.

Other parents have offered to assist the children with transport to and from training and games as the mum’s past contribution to teams transport has been very much appreciated by the school community. We are a small school and band together to help each other but most families are already stretched financially, so a grant from BCSP Enrich will help keep these children involved in their sports.

This form of practical support will mean that the children can continue to be involved in team sports each week. This will have many benefits for children including learning self-discipline, how to cooperate with others and the importance of following rules as well as improved physical fitness and mental health. The mum is not able to supervise the boys outside the house and has expressed concern over the potential behavioural issues of the eldest son without his previous sporting involvement.

We hope to see these children remain fit, healthy and active participants on the field and in the classroom. We believe that the children’s confidence will increase as they can attend school and weekend sport in proper uniforms, being well equipped. We anticipate that this will help the children focus better on their school work during class time and play sport on the weekend instead of feeling excluded and isolated because of their circumstances.

We know that this will give a boost to their mum knowing that her children are participating once again in the sports they love, even if they are going through a tough time. We hope that outcomes of this funding will be increased self-esteem, improved physical and mental health of the children and that they will no longer feel that their mother’s situation has excluded them from their much loved sporting activities. These outcomes may be measured by teacher observation, feedback from the family and assessment of student achievement as indicated in their school reports.

Budget: $1,500

Three sets of sports uniforms, sports shoes/boots, and team registration fees for winter and summer comps are required. We have estimated the costs of these at $500 per child as we hope to obtain some items at cost price from the local supplier and can only estimate registration fees at this stage. Total requested is $1,500.

Healthy lifestyle program

Many of our senior students lack motivation to take part in school or other physical activities. They have poor self-esteem, lack confidence and underestimate their own abilities. They come from families that have the same limiting views over several generations. These students believe that they are just “filling in time” before leaving school and joining their families in a life on government benefits. They do not apply for jobs or apprenticeships because they think they won’t get an interview, and have a limited horizon of what is possible in their life.

We would like to have this group take part in a series of workshops over three months which will include guest speakers and work experience opportunities to introduce them to healthier life skills. Two of our previous students completed this course and are now studying at university and working part-time. When they spoke to our current group of students, you could feel the ‘buzz” in the air and an improved outlook for the individuals.

We held a similar course a few years ago and it was very well received by the students, with attendance rates improving and an increased participation in sport and social activities. We feel that our students need to learn how to motivate themselves and learn skills to cope with daily challenges of school and home life as well as begin to see the bigger picture of their post-school world. Many of our students have also personally experienced the impact of drug and alcohol abuse in their lives, or through family or friends, and we would like to help them change this destructive path.

Skilled facilitators work with the students across the three months to maximize their potential. We hope to achieve greater impact in the school by having 50 senior students complete the program. This should build a strong cohort of students who act as role models in the school, motivated to achieve their potential now and beyond their school years.

Expected outcomes of running this program include improved attendance, increased physical activity and social engagement. In addition we hope to reduce behavioral issues, increase school attendance and subsequent participation in post-school and trade courses. We feel that this particular program brings together many of the strands and life skills to achieve a healthy, happy and successful life.

These outcomes will be measured by teacher observation, school attendance records, post school options surveys, and informal feedback from a range of sources.

Budget: $2,750

Participation in the program costs $55 per student and we anticipate that all 50 senior students will attend on the same day at a cost of $2,750.

Homework club

Over the last six months, our school has run a homework club two days each week, assisting students in need. The club provides a safe place for them to work, receive extra teaching assistance, build relationships with students from other years and have a nutritious snack after school. Some of our students do not have healthy eating habits at home, and we know that hungry students will easily eat too much sugar and carbs setting up a life time habit. Good eating helps students to concentrate and learn more easily. Students who are hungry can lose focus easily in class and cause disruptions to other students. Kids who have been kicked out of home for any length of time, or who have had to leave home temporarily for their safety, may also find themselves without food or a safe place to work. Our homework club gives many children a space and opportunity to spend time speaking with their teacher about issues they are facing, as well as enjoying a safe place with friends.

Homework club provides snacks and meals for over 100 students a week. There is no eligibility criteria as sometimes the school is not aware of domestic abuse or financial difficulties in our students’ families. Our aim is to be open to all students in the school. Through the homework club and its various activities we are able to increase our student’s attendance at school no matter what’s happening at home. It has provided many benefits we didn’t expect and our participation numbers each week have increased slowly but steadily.

We have relied on volunteers and material donations from school staff and local businesses so far but need to secure funding so that we can plan ahead for what is needed and buy items in bulk where possible. This application is for $5,000 to cover the anticipated cost of purchasing food and equipment for Homework Club.

Outcomes: anticipated outcomes of this project are the improved nutrition and self- confidence for participants; improved educational outcomes; increased participation in sport, reduced disruption of classes; increased student well-being and sense of belonging; building a strong school community and more resilient students as they discuss issues they face daily which limit their growth and future potential.

Budget: $5,000

Homework club provisions including food, sports equipment and kitchen resources.

Sporting activities - transport and uniforms

The students at our small school of 35 children love to play sport. We encourage their participation in events in the regional centre because of the social and health benefits that sport and exercise generate in our community. Our school has a high percentage of indigenous students who do not travel outside our area and whose families are not in a position to help them financially with travel and team costs. We would like to enter an athletics team from our school to participate in the schools’ competition in Term 3 but transport costs are a barrier for our team members and supporters. Very few families are able to afford school uniforms and we would love all our students to be able to wear a new school sports polo and feel part of the event as a school identity.

This application is submitted to cover the cost of a bus to transport the whole school plus teachers and accompanying parents to the regional centre for the competition, it also includes costs for 35 polo shirts. We expect that the outcomes of training and participating in this sporting event will be increased self-esteem and confidence of the children, improved health outcomes for families on healthy eating habits, increased levels of fitness and attention in class, increased sense of camaraderie and pride in their achievements and appearance as a whole community and improved student attendance. These outcomes will be measured by teacher observation, feedback from students and parents, student attendance data.

Budget: $1,645 - Bus hire = $1,120; 35 polos x $15 = $525

Our local bus company has provided us with a quote based on our estimate of 40 -50 children, staff and accompanying parents.

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