Enrich provides small school grants of up to $5,000 to help boost the education and wellbeing of disadvantaged students in Australia. One of the main aims is to ensure that children and young people do not feel isolated from their peers due to circumstances beyond their control.

Our grants are designed to assist individuals, groups of students or an entire school body with an Index of Community Socio-Educational Advantage (ICSEA) of 1000 or below. Please check your school ISCEA here.

Assistance is given by way of financial support for (but not limited to) the following:

  • Material assistance such as sports equipment, uniforms, shoes and transport to attend sports games and training
  • Promoting inclusion such as team or individual sports, school camps and carnivals, personal interest or community activities
  • Assisting with healthy lifestyle education such as sports programs, personal hygiene/care, wellbeing and resilience programs, sensory gardens/rooms or teacher aide
  • Improving nutrition such as breakfast clubs, lunch clubs, cooking classes, before and after school care programs

Please keep in mind that Enrich gives preference to small, discrete projects rather than contributing to the funding of large projects.

Sample cases

Please read the following examples or check out our News page to learn more about the type of projects we fund. 

Material Assistance

  • Disadvantaged family unable to afford sports uniforms and shoes for their three children.
    Amount granted: $1,200
  • School soccer team in need of new shirts so that each student can represent their school with pride, despite their financial background.
    Amount granted: $1,500
  • Purchase of new sporting equipment at a small rural school to replace weathered gear.
    Amount granted: $2,600

Promoting Inclusion

  • 8 identified students are unable to afford school camp costs. Grant funding has been awarded so that these children can join their peers on this important school experience.
    Amount granted: $480
  • Term 3 dance program for year 3 and 4 students twice a week.
    Amount granted: $4,300
  • Small school of 35 children where transport costs are a barrier for many families in the community. Funding granted to cover the cost of a bus to transport the whole school, teachers and accompanying parents to a regional sports competition and purchase team polo shirts.
    Amount granted: $1,645 - Bus hire = $1,120; 35 polos x $15 = $525

Healthy Lifestyle Education

  • Drumbeat Program for 10 identified students to enhance their self-esteem and confidence.
    Amount granted: $2,000
  • Term 4 swimming lessons for year 1 and 2 students at the local community pool so they can develop important water safety skills.
    Amount granted: $960
  • School sensory and food garden to assist students/disabled students with healthy eating habits and understanding the importance of fresh food. The garden will give students the responsibility to care for the environment and grow produce that can be used in food tech classes and breakfast club.
    Amount granted: $5,000

Improving Nutrition

  • ‘Munch and Crunch’ program to provide students with fresh fruit and vegetables during first period, especially for those that miss out on breakfast. Children will be educated about the importance of healthy eating.
    Amount granted: $1,300
  • Cooking classes to teach students from year 7-12 about food preparation, hygiene and healthy eating. The classes will encourage students to develop skills and the confidence to cook nutritious meals, which they can share with their families at home.
    Amount granted: $4,700
  • Many students come to school without having breakfast, which impacts their ability to concentrate and learn in class. Funding has been awarded to support the establishment of a breakfast club 3 times a week. Students will have the opportunity to prepare the food and serve their peers alongside staff members.
    Amount granted: $5,000

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